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Raising Kane - Lorelei James Well, I really enjoyed this one. It just had a sweetness throughout that was exactly what I wanted to read right now.

Kane McKay has been Hayden Paulson's 'big buddy' for two years. Ginger, Hayden's mom, is a gorgeous, amazonian red-head that Kane's had the hots for since day 1. She's felt the same but they've hidden it really well.

The story starts with her falling down the steps of her office and injuring herself badly enough that she can't take care of her son and invalid father. So, Kane steps in to sleep on the bottom bunk in the kid's room and help out.

Inevitably, sex ensues.

I really like this series for several reasons. I love the McKays and how James presents them. They're not whitewashed. They've got plenty of flaws, but they're totally lovable. None of them are perfection and I like that.

I also like the 'slice of life' aspect. We catch up with the whole clan and get an idea of what's going on, but it's all about the lead couple. And what goes on with them is often just falling in love while dealing with daily life.

Admittedly, I get a bit squeamish about some of the sex. I'm not a fan of anilingus or domineering BJs, but I can roll my eyes and skim those parts and still get a really nice romance.

Maybe Ridley's review lowered my expectations, but I really loved this one. It was funny and very touching and a pleasurable few hours of reading.

PS: I suspect this book was written before All Jacked Up -- or at least mostly written -- because I see how it fits before AJU timeline-wise. For instance, Keeley doesn't seem to be married, India's only just pregnant with her second and all the others are just barely pregnant as well. The question is, why was AJU released prior? Maybe the answer will be in the next book?