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Love in the Afternoon - Lisa Kleypas I had to think about this one for a day before I could rate it. It's not a full five, but close enough.

What was the problem? Well, it's got a lot of amazing stuff. Beatrix, of course, is wonderful. So wise, but also naive and silly. Christopher is seriously tortured. So far, so good.

Add to that the deception Beatrix and her 'friend' Prudence (yuk) pulled on him and you've got a recipe for volatility. Perfect.

I loved how they ended up together. I loved that there were no more lies once Christopher figured out the deception. I loved that they were so open about how much they loved each other. Swoon-a-licious.

What didn't I like? The ending. It had all these plot points all shoved in at the last minute and some of them could have been explored but weren't. So, by the end I felt dissatisfied. Like I'd read this wonderful, fulfilling three quarters of a book and had it end with a quick run-down of the high points to the closer.

Sometimes I think authors should distribute events better. But there's nothing wrong with where events come in this book and that first three quarters is pretty darn perfect. So ... the book should simply have been longer. Sorry, but we needed another chapter to keep things from feeling like they'd been shoved in the trunk.

Would any book have lived up to my hopes for the finale of the Hathaways? Not likely. I can only hope that some of the things that were touched on will come up again at some point. The crumbling Irish estate, Audrey's family -- I thought it was interesting that we were introduced to her brother and her family was brought up again and again. And which is also why I hope one of the 'quickie wrap-ups' at the end was only a hint at a future story. I wanted more from that, definitely.

Well, that was a ramble. Sorry. Finishing the Hathaways series makes me want to cry. I hope we get a novella at some point like we did for the Wallflowers. I'll miss these crazy kids.