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The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie -  Jennifer Ashley Well, I have to hand it to my friends for getting me so interested in this book. Thanks!

I'll keep it short because it's been reviewed so many times in the last few months, but Ashley's portrayal of Ian's autism was absolutely amazing. It was very honest and in keeping with the real life issues of the condition. Everyone, even Ian, thinks he's incapable of love, but like many high-functioning autism sufferers, this proves untrue.

Beth is a wonderful heroine who seems the perfect type to deal with someone like Ian. Every day she comes to understand more and more of Ian's quirks and he tells her more and more about what he's thinking and what's happening when he 'locks off'. It has the makings of a very good HEA, although we see that Ian's brothers' marriages have not worked out so well. Of course, it's perfect that Ian, the brother they all diligently look after, is the one who can possibly inspire them to make romance work for them as well.

I was very impressed with Ashley's writing and I'm planning to read more from her.

Thanks, GR friends! You're the bestest!

Disclosure: I have an autistic child, so this book might have hit home with me a little more than a reader who doesn't live with it. But, judging by my friends' reviews I actually think it's just a really good story. :D