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Cry Wolf - Patricia Briggs Well, the second half was definitely better than the first. It almost felt like padding up until then. So many similar inner monologues and misunderstandings. I had hoped that they would start talking to each other but it didn't happen, which is so different from the Mercy Thompson series.

One of the things I love about the MT series is that we don't sit around, mired in cliche devices in order to keep the action going. So, I was very surprised to see these devices used again and again through the first half of "Cry Wolf".

The second half picks up considerably as characters come together and info holes are filled in. Some of that could have been dispersed through the first half, IMO, and made the whole thing a lot smoother.

I've noticed the second book in the series gets a higher rating, so I'm hoping that the amazing Briggs style is back on track now that the messy intros are over.

Ultimately it's a satisfying read. It's just a bit rough at the beginning, I think. Definitely four stars overall.