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Dark and Dangerous - Jeanne Adams I got this book because it was heavily discounted on Kindle and it had really good reviews. Unfortunately, it didn't quite measure up for me.

The climax was excellent and thrilling, but it was about the last 15% of the book. The rest of it was like a procedural for hiding from a bad guy ex-husband.

There were things I liked. It opened with a major action sequence that seemed to set the pace for a white knuckle ride. But then things really slowed down.

Another thing I liked was the incredible competence of the heroine. Knowing she has to protect herself and her son, she's gone about arming herself with every bit of knowledge and ability she can get and it's used very well throughout.

The romance doesn't do anything but lay there until about halfway through. At that point it almost seems like an afterthought and a deviation from the suspense thriller I'd been reading. What? Suddenly they're in love? Where'd that come from? They're well suited, but somehow I didn't feel any emotional connection to them until way late in the story.

Adams is a very good writer. She's obviously done her suspense research. I just would like the romance to be a little more evenly dispersed so it lives happily alongside the suspense rather than either taking away from the other.

While I only give this one three stars, it's been followed up by another that I'm sure I'll get to. As I said, she's a very good writer, so I'm not turning away just because I had problems with the pacing and organization of this one effort. :D