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Proof by Seduction - Courtney Milan Many of my friends have reviewed this book and they've loved it, so I don't think I'll go into too much detail. Of course, every time I say that I follow up with about six paragraphs, so we'll just have to see what happens.

Courtney Milan is a very good writer. Her premise was very nicely laid out right from the first pages. We got action, tension, and a pretty good introduction to the characters in short order.

I thought Gareth's "problem" was both fascinating and heart-breaking. Who hasn't been there and had that feeling balloon to epic proportions? I could really relate and, even when he was bumbling around with his poor attempts at communication, I had to feel for him.

Jenny got on my nerves a bit. I never quite understood her strategy. And she made at least one very stupid move which I thought wasn't completely believable when compared to her obvious quick wit and cunning. I don't know that I can pinpoint it, but she just seemed a pain at times.

All-in-all, though, this is a very good historical romance. It's a bit unusual, but familiar enough to be a comfortable read as well.

Okay, not quite six paragraphs, but enough to give Proof by Seduction the Beanbag seal of approval.