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One Dance with a Duke - Tessa Dare This was a really enjoyable premiere of Tessa Dare's new trilogy, The Stud Club.

Of course, The Stud Club refers to breeding horses, but we know what it reeeeeeeealllly means. Vavoom.

In any case, I had a few problems that cost Dare a star, but overall the romance was nice and the evolution of their attraction and devotion made sense to me. Their love scenes were well written and sensual and I didn't feel there were so many that I needed to skim.

Both characters had irritating quirks. Sometimes those quirks went way too far. In fact, Spencer's whole motivation for his obsession with gaining all the Stud Club tokens was not all that believable to me. I understood the emotion, but he's a pretty logical guy and it seemed he was throwing a lot of money away on something that might be helpful to him for a year or two at most. Didn't move me.

Amelia's motivation was more realistic, but also, perhaps, more annoying for it's realism and familiarity. There's also the fact that many books have contained this particular element -- the ne're do well brother who takes everyone else down with him -- and I've lost patience with lead characters' patience. Does that make sense to anyone besides me?

In any case, the romance is lovely. Dare has a real flair for putting people together and showing them falling into a love they never dreamed possible. So even the moments that made me growl at the book were minor in comparison.

Could have used an epilogue, though. The way romance books are ending these days, epilogues seem necessary in most of them. But the next book is coming out in about a month, so I suppose we'll have to be happy with that.

I'm happy to see Dare is achieving success and notice in the genre. She's an excellent addition.