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Married By Morning - Lisa Kleypas This was just delicious. I smack my lips thinking back over what I've just read. Just lovely.

I am so happy Kleypas was able to keep the spark of Cat and Leo's relationship alive even as they fell into divine and rapturous love. They continue to bait each other, evolving beautifully into a sort of comedy duo rather than sparring partners.

Not that it doesn't have angst. Oh, there's angst aplenty here. We all knew Leo had some problems, and Cat's difficult past has been teased heavily as well. Kleypas gives "Marks" a poignancy and vulnerability that takes nothing away from her sharp wit and grounded strength. No small feat for an author and Kleypas achieves it with extraordinary finesse. We start and finish the book with the same two characters, both completely recognizable, but at the same time vastly changed. They're a great couple and I could read a whole series about them alone.

We get to see most of our favorites, although only for quick glimpses. This book is filled to the brim with Leo and Cat. It's been so nice to watch their relationship evolve since her introduction in Seduce Me at Sunrise. My one small complaint is a typical one for me. After a couple of sex scenes, I'm pretty much done in any book. I feel like they get to be padding. But at least Leo and Cat have a great rapport so they weren't tedious, just perhaps more frequent than I would have advised for the movement of the story. But, whatever. It didn't diminish my enjoyment at all, I just noticed the plethora.

And, as usual, the book ends with the reader wishing they could be part of the Hathaway clan as well. Which is a good thing.

Can you tell I liked it?

PS: Can we get a love interest for Jake Valentine? He's such a sweetie. He's not in this book much at all, but his intro in Harry and Poppy's book made so many of us fall in love with him I know I'm not alone in wanting him suitably companioned.