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The Light of Eidon - Karen Hancock I guess this is a 3.5 for me. I found myself very annoyed at a couple of the main characters and, while I knew their TSTL impulsiveness/stubbornness was necessary for the arc of the story it went on through 90% of the book. A bit much.

Particularly Carissa, the hero's sister. I kept hoping she would meet her doom and she just never did. But then her utter ineptitude and arrogance pretty much created every obstacle poor Abramm and Trap had to overcome so I see the point of her existence, but she really had zero likability for me. Even after a heroic act of her own she went back to being a monkey wrench. Yes, a monkey wrench divinely implemented, but still...

Abramm himself was pretty darn tiresome at times. And that's why I can't muster four stars. He just took too long to get to the point.

I did like other characters though. Trap, Cooper and Philip were not only competent, they were extremely likable.

It's not a bad book. It was a Kindle freebie and those who like sword and sorcerer fantasy with some religiousity thrown in (think LotR, Narnia) should like it pretty well. I'm not compelled to continue the series though, so take that as you will.