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I read. I write. I talk about reading and writing. That is when I'm not driving kids somewhere or teaching them. Married, educated, domesticated. I really enjoy the friends I've met through a variety of different message boards and venues regarding reading and authors. I try to take a positive view when I write reviews but sometimes I can't. Those times are few and far between, but they do exist. I'm mostly an old softy, though. I think so anyway.

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Moon Called - Patricia Briggs I'm finally getting to this author after many recommendations and I'm thrilled. I think this past year has been amazing for me with new authors. I'm pleased as punch!

Anyway, Mercy Thompson is a great heroine. She's not too tough, not too sweet, just right. And lots of guys dig her. But for once I can see why. So often I can't figure out why some vinegary miss is catching all the love, but Mercy's a really well drawn, well rounded character.

And the males are hawt. Shoooo. Adam? Gimme.

But I digress.

Most of my friends have already read this series if they like Urban Fantasy so I'm not telling them anything new. But those who are interested should seriously jump in.

So why the missing star? Because the culmination of the mystery is kind of ... what the? ... really? ... he couldn't think of any other way to accomplish that? ... seriously?

But it's all good. I do allow myself to go back-to-back on new authors that I liked -- up to two -- before I switch it up. Per Dina's rules I can't read the entire PB backlist in a week, so I won't. But I think I just climbed aboard another series train. Lord help my wallet.

PS: Please don't put any spoilers in the comments here. Like, I don't want to know if Adam turns out to be a huge butt head or anything. I like my blissful ignorance until the train runs me over. Thanks!