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Angel's Peak - Robyn Carr I didn't dislike this book, but I can't rate it as highly as the others. I loved Sean in Luke and Shelby's book. What a stinker he was ... in an adorable, diabolical way. And his love interest is extremely likable.

But nothing really happens. It all just kind of lays there. One of the things I like about this series is how real it feels. But, maybe this one is too real. Too close to the mundane.

And when things did happen, like with Maureen and George, it felt forced. Like Carr needed a second romance in there so she pushed them together. Not that I mind the older romances, this one just felt too-much-too-soon. Especially with their different cultural backgrounds and outlooks. It could have been a nice through-line for a few books, but it all got shoved into one.

So, I'm actually going to pick up the next book asap because I still love the setting and I'm never ready to leave Virgin River when the book is finished. Even if I haven't loved the story itself.

This one isn't terrible or annoying it's just ... there. Too bad. Sean's story should have been a lot more fun.