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Once Bitten - Kalayna Price This is definitely a 3.5 but I couldn't decide whether to round up or down.

It took me forever to finish this book! A Kindle freebie, I couldn't figure out why I had a problem getting into it, but here's what I came up with:

1. The heroine is a selfish, spoiled, childish, hothead whose problems are all her own fault, and she spends much of the time snapping at everyone else.

2. She remains ignorant of the details of her own situation simply because she refuses -- in her anger -- to listen to the one person who can explain things to her.

3. There was too little development of the three main characters, so they remained mostly vague through the majority of the book.

Okay, that's about it. HOWEVER -- after about 55% this book really took off. I really started to enjoy it. Although the heroine was still a pain in the butt, her stupid refusal to listen finally got her in the trouble of which she'd been warned and she learned a valuable lesson. Hopefully it will not be forgotten in the next book.

I really liked Price's writing style and the "voice" of the heroine would have been very enjoyable (very Mac-like for Fever fans) if her personality had been better. I hate when someone is nothing more than a pill and still ends up with a posse of guys obsessed with her. Even as bitchy women get great guys in real life, I know there's something more than what I'm seeing that attracts those guys and I did not see it here. Unless it's only physical and how freaking unsatisfying is that?

I give it four stars instead of three because I think Price has real talent and, if she can get a handle on developing characters her readers want to invest in, she can be an urban fantasy success.

Nathaniel and Kita are an interesting team. It appears Bobby might not be going anywhere for a while and that really bugs me because he's got obligations elsewhere and I personally take those obligations as sacred. So, yeah, he's not winning any popularity contests with me. But I do like the leads (when, finally, Kita settles down) and I'm hoping for interesting things to come. Nathaniel did have a couple of great lines that kicked Kita's snotty a** and that was very nice to see -- promising.

Rambling. Sorry. In short, I think this book is evidence of very good potential and the possibility of an auto-buy series.

We shall see.