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Paradise Valley - Robyn Carr Okay, I had no business reading this book as relentlessly as I did. I couldn't put it down and now I've accomplished exactly nothing today but finishing this installment in record time.

There are four couples in this one. Rick and Liz seem to be considered the primary, but Abby and Cameron take center stage just as much, IMO. Walt and Murial are a nice side story, being nearly senior citizens and all. While some people might be grossed out by the old person sex, I think there's enough to let us know these are some seriously attractive and in shape oldsters.

I won't talk about the other couple because it unfolds pretty nicely and doesn't need to be spoiled beforehand.

Okay, let's start with Abby/Cameron. Wow. I hated her guts for a long time. She did not handle herself well. Not. At. All. She was very mean to Cameron and he didn't deserve it one bit.

HOWEVERRRRRRR..... her behavior did bring about total Vanni Redemption with her 'you have no right' speech to her good friend. Way to go Vanni-girl, sticking up for Cameron. Woo hoooooo!

Add to that the fact that Cameron was not a doormat like Paul (or most of the other men in Second Chance Pass) and it's more acceptable when Abby comes around. And she does. Believably. I loved the whole birthing sequence from beginning to end. I still don't know what those kids' names are, though. Did I miss it?

Anyway, I thought Abby came around, and since Cameron didn't actually take her crap when she got really nasty, I think we can be optimistic about their future.

Now on to Rick and Liz's story. This was a really great story that actually takes place mostly near the end of the book. Liz does distinguish herself as a great heroine, especially in light of some of the earlier books where she came off as a bit of a weepy, slightly crazy girl. She's a very strong woman now, and smarter than anyone thought. It was wonderful to see that development.

Rick goes through a lot in the story as well, and it doesn't help matters that everyone understands what he's going through, they'd just rather not be the whipping boy. Again, the climax of their story was a really nice sequence of romance. A lot of it wasn't a complete surprise, but it was well written and very effective.

Lots of tears in this here book, but very satisfying storytelling, too.