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A Duke of Her Own - Lorraine Heath This was a good read. It made me stay up later than I meant to in order to read the conclusion, but I was left unsatisfied in a way.

The couple is Louisa, the younger sister of an impoverished earl, and Hawkhurst, an impoverished duke and one of the earl's best friends. Their chemistry is believable and some of their back story is very amusing.

You really wade through a lot of mercenary attitudes, though, along with one major machination by the hero that's hard to forgive.

But in the end I definitely rooted for the couple and I'm probably going to jump right to the next one in this short series.

I guess I was dissatisfied mainly because I felt the 'I love yous' came in place of true reconciliation. Louisa had every reason to think what she did, but she didn't really discuss that in any way. At least there was a nice epilogue, although not as elaborate as Heath has been known to deliver.

I've become a dedicated Heath fangirl, so I can honestly say I enjoyed this book. The conclusion could have been a bit more in depth, for my taste, though. But maybe that's just an addict wanting more. Could be. ;D