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As an Earl Desires - Lorraine Heath This was a good historical romance. Heath really has the chops in that area. I love her stories and this made four star plus a little.

However, it wasn't as good as the Scoundrels of St. James books. To me, anyway. Those are really amazing. This is good. Very good.

My problem was a mercenary heroine. She had good reasons, and thanks to Heath's attention to organics and logic, the hero knew her reasons in plenty of time for their love to make sense. So often I'm supposed to expect that the hero will fall in love with a selfish-seeming or rude heroine even though I know he doesn't know the back story. All he sees is the nasty. Not so this time. The hero knows enough to be very interested and the more he learns the deeper he falls. It's lovely.

When the heroine comes around it's poignant and very believable.

There was just something about the setup that didn't really pull me in right away. But that's a relative criticism. I was so in love with the Heath series I just read that this book started at a disadvantage.

I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the Lost Lords trilogy after I read a new release. Heath is quickly climbing to the tip top of my favorite authors list.