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Caressed By Ice - Nalini Singh I actually didn't start liking this book much until almost exactly 50%. But after that it really flies.

I liked Judd pretty much throughout, but Brenna annoyed me at first. Her anger outbursts were tedious. If we'd been introduced to her prior to her abduction and seen the wonderful woman she was (as they keep saying), I might have felt like I could become invested. Even some flashbacks would have helped.

Eventually she evens out and becomes more likable. But the foundation for the romance was built on shaky ground because of this, I think.

I have to admit, I'm finding the psy leads a bit tedious. The specifics of their skill sets and designations and such is interesting, but the basic scenario of what they have to go through is essentially the same. I had hoped Judd's story would cut to the chase a bit more quickly because of the time he's already spent with the changelings, but his specific issues caused us to be pretty much back to the same starting point as Faith and Sascha. The only difference was he knew what was happening to him.

But, after the halfway point, things start to take off and the whole thing picks up. Brenna's personality evens out a bit, and Judd starts dealing with his feelings and responsibilities too. He ends up being a pretty amazing hero by the end. I never fully warmed to Brenna but Judd makes up for that, I think.

I like the ongoing story arc. Rebellions are nice and meaty and provide plenty of intrigue for ongoing stories. And what more appropriate backdrop for forbidden romances, eh?

So, although I was worried for a bit, Singh pulls off another good one. Four deserved stars. You can't skip the first half because of important information, but if you're feeling bogged down, believe that it will get better.