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Shelter Mountain - Robyn Carr I'm not really going to review this one too much. It's good. The story is very engaging and hard to put down. I think this series would be better described as a 'serial'. It's like a soap opera. There's been a romance in each of the first two books, but so many other stories are being told that it's like watching an ongoing, multi-threaded show. Hence my likening it to a soap opera.

Not that I'm disappointed in that. I'm enjoying it very much. I had a very hard time not just going straight into the next book in the series after this one. It's just different. And I think the 'serial' aspect is what leads me to get the feeling of 'meandering'. In both of these books the first half was devoted mostly to the romance. Then the romance took a kind of backseat to other goings on. As with the first one, the ending seemed kind of arbitrary. Oh, it ended on a good capper event, but by that time it didn't really feel like that was what we'd been leading up to or anything. It could have ended anywhere, really. I think, if I read to the end of what's available in the series, I'll go a little crazy. I mean, what if Days of Our Lives only aired once or twice a year?

Also -- tear jerkers. There are some amusing bits, and a real homespun likability, but both of these books had me crying real tears. I've noticed in other reviews that people have 'gotten the tissues out', so that should also be expected when embarking on this series. It's emotional.

And just as an example of how strongly Carr attaches the readers' emotions and imaginations to her characters, there was a rather major earthquake in the area where this series is set yesterday, and I couldn't help wondering how Jack and Preacher would have handled it. LOL.

This is a good series. I understand now why some of my GR friends have called it 'crack'.