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Slave to Sensation - Nalini Singh I finally dove into this series. Everyone seems so in love with it, I figure it was inevitable. As you can tell by the five stars, I'm glad I did.

The world Singh has created is interesting, although the psy aspect is pretty off-putting. I'm not sure how that will be moved forward in the next books, but I guess I'll just have to find out. The changeling world is more than rich enough to make up for any problems with the psy.

The psy are a race with mind powers who have excised their emotions through conditioning beginning several generations before the time frame of this story. The conditioning, which resulted in 'the Silence', was an effort to remove violence from their race, but it hasn't been completely successful. And the confines of the Silence are not suited to everyone equally. The heroine, Sascha, is one such. She lives a very stressful life, having to hide her 'flaw' (emotions) from everyone, particularly her powerful mother. It's also a bleak existence for someone who craves love and belonging in a society of isolation and cold logic. Think vulcans without the respect for other beings' natures and zero tolerance for differences amongst their own.

The changelings are shifters. Lucas, the hero, is the alpha of a pack of panthers called 'Dark River'. There are a few other 'big cats' amongst his pack, a jaguar and a wild cat. Another pack of changelings we meet is the 'ShadowDancers'. They're wolves. Most of the characters we've met seem worthy of a story of their own. I was confused by a couple of them -- didn't get a thorough read on their individual personalities -- but most were pretty clear and I could see them developing in an interesting way.

The story sets up the world very well, I think. You get a good idea of what's going on with the various groups, but enough is left open that the overall story has room to grow.

Near the end I was about ready to smack Sascha, but only briefly. I was satisfied with the HEA and what happened with the side characters. I see possibilities for an interesting future for the various groups and I'm looking forward to going on to #2.

For a series introduction, this is really very well done.