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Seducing the Heiress - Olivia Drake This was a good book. It seems to be the first of a series, so there were some loose ends that weren't tied up, but that didn't actually hamper the story at hand.

I have to admit, though, that the discord went on too long for me. I don't think we got to see them being together as a couple for enough time to really feel satisfied by the end. There just weren't a lot of scenes of them being together without it being all fraught with sexual tension. Now, I like sexual tension as much as the next gal, but I want to see how they are as people who care about each other on a deeper level. Conversing, joking around, comparing interesting experiences. That kind of thing. They even had some things in common and those things just kind of got skimmed over.

So I would have wished for more time together as a couple. That's a common complaint for me, though, so maybe it's just my preference.

This is a good, solid regency romance, though, with likable leads and a decent plot. I'm assuming the next book will be Lindsay's so I hope we get to see a bit of Colin and Portia in that one (to experience their wedded bliss and to see how Bane's doing -- loved him!). Lindsay did turn out to be a pretty interesting character, what with her mad burglar skillz and all. It will be fun to see that play out later.

Olivia Dane is a good find. I wish I didn't have to wait so long for the next installment.