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Surrender (MacKinnon’s Rangers,  #1) - Pamela Clare This one lives up to the hype. A very good, romantic story in a unique setting.

I love historical romance, and I'm not bothered by the typical locations/time frames. I like Regencies just fine, for example. But this story is set in the colonial American frontier and has a real "Last of the Mohicans" vibe, which is really a refreshing change. And, no, the hero wasn't a secret duke, either.

Iain MacKinnon and Lady Anne Campbell are really nice leads. I liked the way their romance progressed, although it certainly happened quickly. Their chemistry was very good and their moments of mistake and/or misunderstanding were not TSTL, but usually manipulated by an outside force, or by their own desire to save the other pain.

The featured and side characters were very good. The villain was awful and nasty and dealt with nicely. There's an anti-hero that I want to hate, but Clare keeps pulling the rug out from under that one, and I really don't know what to expect from him in the future. Which is a good thing, I think.

I did have a problem with a couple of parts. There was something in particular that Iain did that I thought was not a good plan, considering the laws and his desire to protect Annie. But it was a minor speed bump, really.

The battle scenes were difficult to read, mainly because they were well-told. A horrible loss due to an arrogant general -- I just wanted to reach through the pages and strangle the man myself.

My biggest problem with this book is not at all the fault of the author or the story. It's the Kindle version. There was a typo in every other paragraph, I swear. Misspelled words and missing or misplaced punctuation. How am I supposed to keep my mind on the story if I'm translating the whole time. What does "recatt" mean? Well, it means "recall" when spelled properly. So many things were like that. The most annoying one was the word "lain". Consistently it was replaced with the hero's name: "Iain". You look at them here and say -- why would that bother her? Well, the font doesn't make the "i" and the "L" look the same, so it's very clearly the man's name rather than a version of "lay". Okay -- that was a rant. But seriously, you could probably make a comedy album reading the typos in this thing. Shoddy, shoddy work.

However, the story surpasses that problem and I don't know if the PB is typo-riddled, so you might consider buying that if you think translating occasional nonsense words might bother you.

Now, I'm on to the next in the series, "Untamed", and looking forward to it.

ETA: The reason I didn't give this one five stars was because of the odd blip I mentioned above and also because I thought she padded the story with a few unnecessary sex scenes. They're well written, but a couple of them are unnecessary, and I actually skimmed over them. I can think of two that truly enhanced the story, but the others, IMO, were superfluous.