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Don't Tempt Me - Loretta Chase This isn't the best Loretta Chase book, but it's certainly not near the worst. It's actually very enjoyable. The end peters out a bit strangely, but overall this book was much better than I thought it would be based on other reviews I've seen.

Lucien and Zoe are a really great couple. Chase does her patented and peerless manipulation of the reader to make a hero who is a paradigm of lazy, arrogant, selfishness actually lovable. The specifics fill out the model and you just have to feel for the guy in so many ways. He's amusing, sexy, and needs a hug. Only he's in denial about the hug part.

Zoe is precocious, but has some very amusing moments as well. Raised from the age of twelve in a harem after being kidnapped while traveling with her parents, she's relearning the little she knew of British society before her abduction, and heaping on top of that all the new knowledge that a woman of 24 will be needing. She has problems with her inhibitions and loose tongue and some of the most hilarious terms for male and female genitalia I've read, as well. And, yes, she's still a virgin. The explanation for this is decently believable, so don't think it'll take you out of the story when you get to that part.

As I said, there's an odd petering out at the end. I can't explain it. There are things happening that should seem like an adventurous climax, but it just wasn't pulling me in. It wasn't awful by any means. I enjoyed the book as a whole very, very much. It's just something I can't quite put my finger on. I also wish there had been an epilogue. I often wish that. Maybe I'm spoiled, but they are a couple that one simply must see as parents.