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About a Dragon - G.A. Aiken I don't know. I just don't know.

At first, during the initial two chapters, I thought "Wow! This is much better than the last one!" and then it just went the same direction. They argued constantly. Only this time it was treated as "positive" because arguing turned them on. Well, I found it to be tedious.

This author has a problem with heroines. They're all maniacs. They have hair-trigger tempers and take their anger out -- violently -- on their mates. That doesn't make them strong female characters. It makes them weaker than just about any doormat you could name. If they can't control themselves they're worthless to everyone else. Weak.

Anyway, I'm not sure what she does under her other pen name (Shelley Laurenston?), but if she thinks being a violent bitch is the same as being "full of spark and fire", then she needs to actually meet some women in person. Because I'm convinced she's never had any actual contact with the gender.

Sorry for the rant. I think what ticks me off is that there are chapters that are pretty amusing. There's some really funny stuff in here, with a dragon so arrogant and unfamiliar with humans that his first words to the heroine are basically: "come with me, I wish to have you." He's actually pretty funny most of the time.

And it does help very much that we actually see them thinking through what they're going to start an argument about so they can launch into a passionate episode. But it would work better if the violent temper-losing and poorly thought out rejection didn't come along with it. We're left with too many negatives that are completely unnecessary.

I'm tempted to read the next one just because I'm on the track, but I'll wait a while. The dragon at the center of it is a smart-ass who's constantly hit and threatened by everyone in retaliation, so I can only foresee more mate-abuse down the road. {insert eyeroll here}