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The Accidental Mistress - Tracy Anne Warren This book gets much better well after the halfway mark. Before that I really did get sick of the heroine. Sure, the hero was incredibly arrogant, but he was very nice to her. The whole thing just wasn't happening for me and I would have set it aside if it weren't a TAW.

When first we meet Lily, she's escaping from a forced marriage by faking her own death in a very daring way. It looked like we were in for an exciting ride. Then she becomes kind of stupid as she has to make her way in the world. And hypocritical? She's the poster child for hypocrisy. As I said in an earlier comment, there was a point when I didn't even want the HEA to happen she was so annoying. But she got better once the manufactured contentiousness was dispensed with.

After they finally get together, the story gets a lot more enjoyable. As usual TAW's leads do NOT do well apart. That's always when her stories lag. So the entire first 60% of the book being spent on separation is not all that fun, IMO. And then neither is the chunk toward the end where we have the inevitable break-up before the reconciliation.

There's a very nice, romantic ending, but I really felt like there was a lot more discord than accord in this book and that doesn't make me happy. Especially when the whole reason to love TAW's books are the stretches when the leads are together!!! There are ways to have the H/h together most of the time without losing opportunities for tension and suspense. As with My Fair Mistress, there was an outside threat that could have served to further the story and fulfill the needed antagonism arc without the characters ever being at odds with one another to the point of separation.

Find a new template, Tracy, please! Three stars for the ending and the segment when they're together as a couple, otherwise it would have been two. :(