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A Kiss of Shadows - Laurell K. Hamilton Just a quick one here. I got this as a Kindle freebie and I'd never read Laurell K. Hamilton so I was thrilled to take a look. It wasn't a totally exciting, satisfying read. But it's very good and the world is nice and specific.

It's not a romance. There's a lot of sex, but this is a story about fae politics, so it's all done with a different intent. It's also obviously the first in a series because we're left with many questions. A lot of characters are introduced and they can be hard to remember. They all have different color hair and skin, so that helps. Some have odd appendages and some are kind of grotesque.

Grotesque is actually an underlying theme, as it often is in fae stories. We don't end up seeing anything truly ghastly as far as the sex goes, but it's put out there as a possibility. Fills one with trepidation when considering continuing with the series.

One annoying thing that I hope will change as it goes forward is LKH's tendency to drag a walk down a hallway out for an entire chapter. Oh, there are interesting flashbacks and tidbits of conversation, highlights of what our heroine should fear in a given situation, but you realize suddenly you've been reading for six pages and the characters have moved about fifty feet down the road. It got old for me. Especially when the final chapter is a whirlwind wrap-up of everything that happened after the big confrontation.

But, for the most part, it's very well written. LKH is an excellent author and I enjoyed it except for those moments when I said "get on with it!" out loud. Maybe if I hadn't known something horrible and/or amazing was going to happen soon, I wouldn't have been so impatient with those passages, but it is the authors job to compel me not to skim. And ... I did skim.

I did enjoy it, though, and I'll be going on to the next one.