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The Raven Prince - Elizabeth Hoyt This was a really enjoyable read. There were a few moments where I thought the heroine might be diving into TSTL territory, and she kind of did, but it still worked. I have to admit to saying out loud "what in the world are you thinking?!" at least once, though. LOL.

One thing I'm left wondering, though, is how the ton would react to all these shenanigans. But we're also left to see these two as country people at heart and it's doubtful they'll be spending much time in London anyway. Still, their story is a bit eyebrow raising when seen in context of the times.

Which brings up a small complaint about the vagueness of the Georgian setting. Every once in a while you see a wig referenced or panniers, but I get no feeling for the time and place. With the prevalence of regency romances, it seems to me that something in another time frame needs to be clearly laid out. I would forget in between the times Edward would wear a wig that we weren't actually in the regency time period. Particularly since it's not crucial to the plot line that the story take place in an era other than the most ubiquitous, reminders would be helpful.

It's nice to see a couple who isn't gorgeous, although that's the least of my worries, and I was glad it was so secondary to the plot. Although Edward had some real concerns about whether or not his scars repulsed Anna, it wasn't a make-or-break in the story. If anything, his scars were a constant reminder to the reader of everything he's lost and makes him a hero to fall immediately in love with despite his silly temper. And she never seemed to dwell on her physical attributes at all, so we're not dwelling on that or her low self-esteem or bitterness over not being a great beauty. I actually don't typically love plain heroines for just those last reasons. This is refreshing.

In the end their love story is very believable and sweet. Sexy, too, which is a nice bonus.

I tried this author because I'd seen her referenced here and on the Amazon romance forum and I'm glad I did. I'm looking forward to reading the rest of this trilogy and beyond.