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The Wedding Trap - Tracy Anne Warren After being rather "meh" about The Husband Trap and definitely disliking The Wife Trap, I was pleasantly surprised by The Wedding Trap.

Kit and Eliza are a very nice couple. Friendly acquaintances since Kit's brother Adrien and Eliza's best friend Violet married, they start from a really nice place in this story. Eliza has had a huge crush on Kit since he danced with her (at Violet's urging) one night at a ball, but has decided to put that behind her and attempt to find a decent, unexceptional man to marry.

This is a Pygmalian story, which is fine with me. I love make-overs and Eliza is in desperate need of one. Raised by her penny-pinching aunt, all her clothes are made of the cheapest fabrics, in loose-fitting, unappealing styles. Her hair is long and pulled back tightly at her nape and it and her skin clash with her clothes. Add to that her incredible shyness and bookish tendencies and she's a wallflower for sure.

When the nasty old aunt passes away, Eliza inherits a very large fortune. Now she's being pursued for the first time in her life and the pursuers are blatant fortune hunters who couldn't give a hoot about her. Violet decides that Kit should help Eliza with the social graces (as he did for her) and he agrees with the stipulation that it's a total make-over.

That's the set-up. Simple. Nothing new, but really sweet. Both characters pop and their chemistry works well. The characters from the previous books are much more appealing on the sideline, as well.

I'm looking forward to reading Warren's "mistress" series now, when I was a little worried after The Wife Trap. Now I feel like my initial reaction to her Byron series was not off and that's a relief. :D