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The Wife Trap: A Novel - Tracy Anne Warren This is my least favorite of the Trap series by Tracy Anne Warren. I didn't love the first one, The Husband Trap, and this one has even more problems.

First of all, the heroine is the twin sister of the heroine in The Husband Trap. She's a selfish, immature snob. She's been sent off to Ireland to stay with some cousins because of the scandal she caused with her antics in THT. There she meets Darragh O'Brien, an architect who also happens to be the Earl of Mulholland. Only she assumes he's simply a tradesman and, although they're attracted to each other, she's determined to marry a title.

The only way she doesn't know he has a title is that she keeps interrupting him every time he tries to tell her. Eventually he decides to keep her in the dark to see if he can win her love for himself and not his ancestry.

In any case, this book has the same problem as The Husband Trap. The story doesn't feel like it really starts until after half way through. And it's so implausible it's just hard not to put it down and not finish it.

There are problems galore caused by two very stubborn people, but mostly by one very selfish young woman. Darragh's deception causes all kinds of hurt feelings, but we don't see a lot of growth in Jeannette. She's still selfish, right up until the final chapter.

And the final chapter is basically this: they get back together, the end. No epilogue to show them actually managing to be together day to day.

Really, this book isn't worth it. I say skip it and go to The Wedding Trap, if you're reading this series. It's definitely better.