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The Husband Trap: A Novel - Tracy Anne Warren I started out giving this a four star review and now I've changed it to three stars. Certain things about the story just weren't my cup of tea and I can't say that I wasn't pleased for it to finally be over.

My personal problem with it is that more than 50% of the book is spent with one character deceiving the other. Not a simple deception, but the newlywed wife is posing as her twin sister! So it feels like the love story doesn't really start until he finds out he's been deceived.

Although, as usual, I loved their interactions and both of them as characters, I thought Warren did them a disservice by making the deception take so long to run its course.

It also took a while for the story to start. The first two chapters were taken up mainly with the nervous heroine's inner thoughts during her wedding. We don't get the hero's POV until chapter 3. Slow going.

The last quarter of the book is pretty good. There's some nice angst and some humor and Warren's deft hand at romance.

So, while I enjoyed the ending of the book, I didn't necessarily enjoy the entire journey to it.

Not that this is turning me off Warren. Not at all.