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Welcome to the Jungle - Jim Butcher, Ardian Syaf I'm a major Jim Butcher fan, so when I heard he was going to put Harry Dresden in graphic novel form I was thrilled.

Sadly, the art is really lacking. It has a quickie, dashed off effect that makes the entire enterprise seem cheap. The same artist is doing the comic versions of early Dresden Files novels, so I'm not even bothering with them.

To be honest, I can barely draw a stick figure, but I know good comic art when I see it, and this could just be better.

And also, to be fair, the story isn't all that great either. It's just not fully realized. Especially when held up to Butcher's other work. The whole thing seems carelessly put together. Maybe it's the fact that we have a graphic novel devoted to a few DC Comics superheroes sitting out and I can't help but compare them. No contest. Every little frame of the DC Comics book is carefully and confidently rendered.

More time needs to be taken with these, IMO.