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Hard Evidence - Pamela Clare This started out okay, but by the third or fourth chapter it was clear the heroine was TSTL and every reason I hate journalists as main protagonists. She got in the way of everything, refusing to listen and jeopardizing all the people the investigation was hoping to save in the end. And somehow her mantra of 'I'm a journalist, I have a responsibility to tell the truth! I'm trying to save people by outing your entire investigation on the front page!" is not only accepted, but admired by characters with a heck of a lot more sense.

Julian would have been a pretty great hero except that I can't respect a guy who falls in love with such a TSTL, monkeywrench heroine. He's broody, angsty, and verra sexy. Terrible taste in women, but who's perfect?

And yet, I have to admit I finished the book and found it hard to put down after a certain point. I suppose I accepted that it was going to be cheesy and let myself enjoy the nonsense. And, yes, I'll be reading the next one. Why? OCD, no doubt.

Pamela Clare is a good author, but her contemporaries are simply junk food. If you want something all around good, go with her historicals. But, if you want a quick fix of steamy sex and hot heroes (and let's face it, we all do sometimes), the I-Team will scratch that itch.