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Love with the Perfect Scoundrel - Sophia Nash Major improvement over the last one, but some of the same problems remain.

There's some kind of past event dogging our hero and, in the end, the solution is rushed through and the whole thing makes no sense. There's a villain who seems to be pretty darn bad, but then we just kind of ... talk our way out of it off screen. Very odd.

The funny thing was, she managed to pull out the same trope -- hero and heroine have no idea of the other's feelings -- even though I thought for certain they were aware. So when that little thing popped up, I LOL'd. It was almost like she was joking about her tendency. It was almost a non-sequitur for them to suddenly act like they each didn't know they were loved by the other. And that element was completely unnecessary. It's like Nash can't stop herself.

Anyway, there were some really nice things about this story. I liked the way it started. I liked the way they met. I liked the way they got together. I liked both leads where they ended up. It's the how they ended up there that doesn't work for me.

Will I read the next one in the series? I don't know. I may have forgotten the whole thing by then. But it would be nice if someone would sit down with Ms. Nash and help her develop a couple of different templates so we can get a variation on the narrative before I crack another one of her stories.