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A Dangerous Beauty (Widows Club, Book 1) - Sophia Nash I liked this book. It bogged down a bit in the middle and I never quite buy the excuses for past abusive behavior from family members who instantly get forgiven, but since that seems to be typical for regencies, I shouldn't complain so much.

The leads both have issues and they're both very likable. He's cranky and she's subverted a wild streak after a bad marriage. Tragic pasts, but not so tragic you can't believe they'd ever get beyond them. There's a secret out there, though, that comes out of left field at the end and it's a little distancing. If it had been foreshadowed I think it wouldn't have been so distracting, but it seemed like it needed more time and story than it was given thrown in at the last minute as it was.

I discovered this author from an anthology where it was one of only three of the stories I liked. This story is the first of Nash's "Widows Club" series. I'll be moving on to the second book in the series next and we'll see if she can keep it up.

No huge surprises (except for the red herring at the end), but a nice, diverting romance.