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Four Dukes and a Devil - Cathy Maxwell, Elaine Fox, Sophia Nash, Tracy Anne Warren, Jeaniene Frost I bought this for the Jeaniene Frost story. I liked it, but there was an obvious solution to the overriding dilemma that was never brought up and I think that was lame. Still, Frost is a good story teller and I enjoyed it, particularly knowing that some of the details are pertinent to Spade's upcoming book. So ... even though he never makes an appearance, I thought about Spade a lot and how can I complain about that?

The other stories were mostly regencies. I'm not sure how this anthology was put together. There's no real theme, except for most of the stories including a duke. It's like Frost got stuck in there at the last minute regardless of whether or not her story fit.

I read all the other stories even though I wasn't familiar with any of the writers. A couple of them were pretty enjoyable. I particularly liked "Catch of the Century" by Sophia Nash and "Charmed by her Smile" by Tracy Ann Warren.

"The Irish Duke" by Cathy Maxwell was frustrating because it seemed like an outline to what should have been a full novel. It's a really clever premise, and I would have liked to read the whole thing in "long hand" rather than skipping all the natural steps to an HEA.

"The Duke Who Came to Dinner" by Elaine Fox ended rather abruptly and never explained what was going on with the ghost theme. Again, it seemed like an idea for a longer story that the author just didn't fill in.

The Sophia Nash story seems to be part of a series and, of course, Jeaniene Frost's story fits into the Night Huntress world, and since those stories are among the best ones, I can give this quirky anthology a mild recommendation.