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Veil of Midnight - Lara Adrian I think I liked this one as much as Midnight Awakening. I did get annoyed at Renata at a critical moment, but overall I thought the book was very effective. I even got choked up at the end. And, as annoyed as I was with her, I could easily see where she was coming from. It's not like I would have reacted much differently if I'd had her abilities. And she didn't end up screwing up the mission at all, so she was quickly forgiven by me.

BTW -- I still think Rio's book should have been after this one. I was reserving total judgement because I thought Rio's mating might have played a crucial role in VoM. Not so. Now I really feel like the order was screwed up.

Still, I liked the premise a lot. The bad guys were really bad. Incredibly bad. This arc is not over by a long shot, with several elements still in play, but I like that Adrian can keep the thread going while giving so much new information and bringing a book-specific story line to a satisfying conclusion. Very impressive. And bad, bad guys for villains. I like how she sets her sights on political villains. It's a very accessible and relatable element in this day and age, I think.

I love Niko. What a hard time he has of it, though. Poor guy. There's torture, revenge, murder, confusion, lust, murder, love, fights, explosions, murder ... everything you want from a paranormal suspense romance. How's that for creating a specific genre?

I'm moving right along to Ashes of Midnight now. Then I'll be sad because I'll have to wait until December to see the next one, but Adrian is averaging two installments a year so sadness will not be followed by complaints. Again, this author is impressing me more and more and I'm glad I finally tackled that first book to get to these gems underneath.