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Midnight Awakening - Lara Adrian This is probably the best of the Breeds series so far. Hmm. Best of Breed. Sounds like a dog show. But I digress.

Tegan and Elise are a great couple for several reasons. I think the biggest one is that we didn't have to go through the whole thing of the female learning what she is. It was nice that she already knew all about the Breeds and everything else was just the story. They were both strong, damaged characters who had no intention of falling in love, but they respected each other right off the bat, which was also nice. They worked well together as a team and that feels unique sometimes in this genre. I thought their background pain was accessible. It wasn't anything trumped up, but was believable and relatable to something that could happen in real life ... to a point, of course.

What I don't like is that authors seem to feel compelled to downgrade the first love to make the second love romantic. Poor Sorcha and Quentin ended up being bland in comparison. I hate that. There shouldn't even be a comparison. It's not necessary, in my opinion, to make the late spouse lacking in order for the current spouse to be beloved. It always comes off as disrespectful to me, and I don't trust that the protagonists will continue to love each other. I mean they thought they loved those other duds, right? See. It backfires. To be fair, Adrian did this much less than I've seen in most other stories with this theme, but it's still there, and even a little is too much for me.

The story was suspenseful and romantic. It had good emotional impact and good action. It finished off an arc started in the first book, but also launched the arc that begins with the next one. It was well done.

I've already read the next book and this one is superior. But overall I think Adrian definitely has better chops than I'd thought when I took a year to finish Kiss of Midnight. I'm really enjoying this series.