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Kiss of Crimson - Lara Adrian Well, that was much better than Midnight Breed, #1 -- Kiss of Midnight. The last one took me almost a year to read, and this one I finished in a day.

There were still a couple of issues I had. Adrian kind of skips to decisions without having the characters live the moments that would take them there. I don't want to give any spoilers, but there were two moments where I said "huh? What made you decide that?"

I'm starting to see more of the different personalities of the warriors, which is good. This story kind of left the others in the background, but their little cameos were succinct enough to give a good idea of what their patterns of behavior might be. There was a secondary story line that introduced a couple of characters; one that we'll definitely see, and another we might see (trying not to even spoil myself so don't tell me). It was a sad story line, which I appreciated. It gave the entire arc depth without sacrificing the joy of the main HEA.

What I'm liking about Adrian is that she doesn't shy away from a really tragic story, but still maintains the romantic through line. She doesn't use the bleak plot as a crutch to force intense emotions from her readers. The tragedy is not a gimmick.

So, yes, I've already bought the next one on my Kindle. But with company coming (how inconvenient!), I probably won't finish it for a few days. Still, it beats a year. :D