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Kiss of Midnight - Lara Adrian I've been reading this book for months!!! I think I started it in 2008. I finally finished it today. I realized that, since I'm reading the suspense romance now, I may as well stick my toe back in the Midnight Breed pool.

Well ... not a great start. But I've been told by many, many others that the series gets better as it goes along. And I've read some interviews of Adrian and she seems like such a genuinely nice person that I've always wanted to support her efforts. See, it pays to be sweet. ;^)

So, I didn't love Lucan too much and Gabrielle was TSTL several times but, by the end I thought I could move forward with the series. I'm starting the second one tonight and we'll see how it goes.

One of my complaints was that I can't really tell the other vamps apart. In fact, if Lucan hadn't been separated from them for so much of the book, I'd have had a hard time telling him from the rest. Their individual personalities were not unique to me. Again, I'm hoping that changes as we go on.

I did read Black Dagger Brotherhood first, so naturally there are comparisons. I understand Lara Adrian had already either outlined or submitted her first draft when Dark Lover came out, so the overlapping story details are most likely coincidence. But it's distracting. And, yet again, I've been assured that the worlds do diverge and Midnight Breeds stops looking anything like BDB after a few books. Good to know.

So, I guess I can only give it three stars because it took me almost a year to read it. But I'm glad I did. It's not a dog. It's just a bit meh, IMO. :^|