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Hide and Seek - Cherry Adair Oh my. I liked Adair's "Kiss and Tell" even though it was an absurd premise. But this follow-up is so outlandish it almost seems as if the author was picking plot points out of a hat full of suggestions.

Mostly, I hated the heroine. TSTL and selfish as the day is long. A lot is made of her taking care of her family and being the one everyone depends on. It's absolutely clear though (and the hero brings this up at one point) that taking care of everyone and making them dependent on you is NOT a virtue. Infantilizing people is a power trip, nothing better. And this chick is all about control. Not that she has any qualifications, experience or ability. She stomps around like a spoiled child, willfully misreading things and demanding it all be her way. Meanwhile she's getting in the way of some pretty serious business the grown-ups are trying to pull together.

The hero, Kyle Wright, is a genius who winds up undercover for four years in order to set up an elaborate sting. The operation was so badly explained that I'm beginning to suspect it was actually just an excuse for him to grow his hair into a waist length fall of dark and dangerous sexiness.

I won't go into more details. Suffice to say the heroine is a monkey wrench throughout. I have no idea why a man who only has half a brain, much less a man who's considered a genius, would fall in love with this troublesome ditz.

Still, I have to passively recommend reading it for the unintentional laughs. It helps to have a reading buddy, as I had with Dina, so you can giggle and point at the nonsense together.

I'm not sure if I have the stomach for another Cherry Adair book. I'm grooving on the suspense romance genre, but I do know a lot more of it falls in the "Hide and Seek" category, rather than "Kiss and Tell". If anyone has any suggestions within this genre, I'd love to know them. :D