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The Untamed Mackenzie - Jennifer Ashley

I had a tough time getting into this one but it was probably because I'd just left a post-apocalyptic, UF world that I loved and that was on my mind. I probably should have done a reread of something for a transition so I can't blame this book for my sluggishness at fully engaging.

Jennifer Ashley is back to her solid Mackenzie writing in this lovely book where Lloyd Fellows -- the bastard Mackenzie -- finally gets his HEA. Those who have read the Christmas novella know he's got a thing for Lady Louisa Scranton and vice versa, but how can she possibly settle for a duke's bastard who's a mere Detective Inspector? By surviving her own family's scandal, that's how.

But things get worse for Lady Louisa and Lloyd is there to help her stand tall against a legal system that caters to the demands of the aristocrats who couldn't give a rat's patoot about anyone but themselves. Even another aristo is not safe when one of them wants something.

It's a good story and we see our old Mackenzie friends. Daniel takes a nice featuring role in this one and makes me even more excited for his story.

I love the Mackenzie series. The family is so quirky and full of love, they've even managed to soften Lloyd a bit. Every time I crack a new one I'm happy to be back in their world.

It's probably more like a 4.5 in truth, but easily rounded up for enjoyment and suitable novella length. On top of that it was -- and still is at the time of writing this review -- only $1.99. Highly recommended.