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Among the Living (PsyCop #1) - Jordan Castillo Price This is a 4.5 and the only thing that brings it down is that it's a too short and thin.

One of my friends gave this book a decent review, I liked the premise, so I decided to take a chance. I think I'm going to end up hooked on Vic, Jason, Carolyn and Lisa, the "psy-cops" at the heart of the tale, so thanks again, GR friends. :D

The story is told first person by Vic who's a psychic cop who sees dead people. That little talent/curse helps him quite a bit with his homicide investigations. Other psychics working for the force have various other talents. They do tend to creep other cops out -- especially Vic who deals with the ghosties -- but they get the job done, so there's also some appreciation, even if it's not quite friendly.

One of the things I especially liked was that Vic's long time partner -- a "stiff" (a non-psychic) -- has just retired and at least a thousand cops tried to get his job. It was refreshing to see a lead who wasn't the dead end guy that only someone who screwed up badly would get paired with. It makes sense since his talent is acknowledged and he's great at solving cases but, for some reason, the opposite is the typical in these pn cop stories.

I liked that Vic is gay and it just is. He's in the closet, but it's just a practical thing. Nothing he's freaked about. His relationship with Jason is hot and sweet at the same time. Like Thai food. Yum. But there's no distraction of the inner struggle to be or not be gay. It just is. How simple.

I liked that the mystery was fairly straightforward. No fancy moves or false notes. I did think Vic was a bit dense about who the killer might be, but it's explained away pretty well.

If the book had been longer, I might have wanted some more twists and turns. But the book is short ... too short. It's got its beginning, middle and end and the arc finishes nicely so I shouldn't complain but a subplot might have helped fill it out a bit.

There are more books in this series and I'm just about to download the second one. I hope it's as engaging as this one (that I had a very hard time putting down all day), and I also hope it's longer. :)