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Face to Face (Hart and Drake, #3) - C.J. Lyons This could be the end of this series/trilogy or there could be more, I have no idea. Part of the story demands some more information and playing out but I don't know if the author will follow through.

This trilogy drove me a little crazy. The plotline was interesting enough to keep me reading late into the night. But the leads did such impulsive, childish, stupid things, I found them completely exasperating.

There were almost no conversations with each other where one didn't think "I just won't tell him/her about that part...." and "that part" was usually the information the other needed to know! And there was no good reason for keeping it back. Just some manufactured, "I can take care of myself," "they'll think I'm not fit for work..." nonsense.

They also have a tendency to get ticked off at each other and walk out mid-argument, often cutting the other off or ruthlessly holding back yet another crucial tidbit. Then, a minute later, he/she thinks "what have I done?" There were so many internal monologues about the mistake he/she just made and then a nearly exact repetition of the same mistake! This is amateurish and contrived, IMO. An author should be able to follow a coherent path of normal communication between characters and make events happen without manufacturing conflict this way.

Instead we have two characters who should have been much more likable being pulled down and tainted by the weight of those contrivances. What I've said before about Clayton and Whitney (Judith McNaught's "Whitney My Love") ends up working well for these two: the only good thing about them finding their HEA (or maybe HFN in this series, who knows), is that it saves anyone else from ever having to be with either one of them.

And you know what? I will probably read another one if it's published because I will want to know what happens with the stuff left hanging out there. And that's what's so frustrating about this series. It had so much potential, but the lead characters just make you want to bang your head against the wall. They're both damaged and I understand they'll be glitchy, but that's no excuse for their ongoing stupidity. Pretty much everything obnoxious they do seems to be ingrained in their personalities. Oh well.

I bought all three books when they were an Amazon deal for 99 cents each, so at least I'm not out a lot of money. Just disappointed.