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Nerves of Steel (Hart and Drake, #1) - C.J. Lyons I really wanted to give this one four stars but I can't. The problem is all with the female lead and her moronic behavior.

This had a very engaging story, a decent mystery, some good suspense and an angsty, but plausible romance. I did look forward to getting back to the book every time I had to set it down so that's where all three stars come from. I also liked the male lead, Mickey Drake. It's Cassie Hart, an ER doctor, who is the big problem.

Everything starts fine, but within a scene or two, Hart makes her first TSTL move. It looks like it might work out okay, but then she makes another TSTL move. In both cases she thinks to herself she was stupid for doing what she did and she should let the experts handle their own business. And then that goes out the window as she makes another, similar, TSTL move. And then she makes the grand-daddy of all dumb moves (I'll lie to everyone to protect you ... even you ... so you won't know the danger and can be blindsided if it all falls apart). Can't stand that last one -- a trope I always hope never to see again.

She redeems herself in the end ... somewhat ... but I was really frustrated by her emotional roller coaster behavior and the arrogance of her impulsiveness.

Mickey is almost as damaged as she is. He's a detective assigned to a task force to shut down a recent influx of designer drugs. He's likable enough, but we didn't get to spend as much time with him as I'd have liked. We spent more time on Hart's arc than his.

Another problem happens at the end of the story. There's an injury implied and then the character does thing that are not possible with that sort of injury and then is treated later for that injury. So, it clearly happened, it just conveniently disappeared for a chapter. Confusing.

What I like about this series -- potentially -- is that the same couple stars throughout. So we're not getting a typical HEA in the space of one story. That's nice. And when you're dealing with fragile, banged-up people, you need that space to grow and evolve. So, I like that.

I'm starting the next one today, and I'm hoping Hart is less annoying. To be fair, she's not a horrible person and she has some very good moments. She's brimming with compassion and she's a good doctor. If she can check the irritating impulsiveness, she could be a really great character.

I bought all three of the available books when they were on sale. I don't know if they're still reduced for e-book, but I know I'm not out much money if it doesn't pick up. I wish I could rate it higher for the majority of the story, I just can't. It's a 3.5, IMO.