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This is a novella prequel to Pamela Clare's next installment of the I-Team series, "Striking Distance". This story is erotica (sans anal for those who are squeamish) and has a lot of well-written sex, but it's impressively effective as a romantic prelude as well. The chemistry between the leads is quite good and it actually works really well -- and believably -- for "insta-love". While neither admits to having fallen that hard, they both clearly get that something more profound than raucous, no-strings sex has happened.

It takes place in Dubai where they things could turn very ugly for them if anyone finds out they've been having sex without benefit of marriage. Very precarious. But when you meet the person you gotta have it with, you gotta have it. I actually believed that, even in that dangerous environment, they needed to get it on. That's usually something I feel I have to forgive in the writing, but not here. I fell for this couple.

It ends on a cliffhanger because, after all, this is a prequel to the the novel which also has a prologue. So it's like we're two jumps from starting. No happy ending here, but it's okay because PC has taken care of her fans by releasing this novella only a couple of weeks before the novel comes out. It's not like the usual ass-wipey cliffie that keeps fans waiting for a year to a decade.

This book actually starts out with a note from the author that warns about the cliffie as well as gives a lot of pre-reading comfort. I thought PC was going a little overboard with her warnings and gentle "it'll be okay" promises, but now I see her concern. Holy Moly! I'm a basketcase!

Luckily PC has posted the prologue to "Striking Distance" on her website, so I'm headed over there to read that.

If you're a fan of Pamela Clare we have a group at Goodreads that you really should join: https://www.goodreads.com/group/show/...

If you haven't read PC yet then ... don't wait another second. Start reading the I Team series right this minute so you'll be ready for this one-two punch of novella and novel.