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When powerful companies/entities overreact to a news story ...

... this is what you get:




Major sellers are taking down vast amounts of their self-published content because of a news story about some "over-the-line" items they may have been selling.


We also have movement toward the government defining "bullying" and censorship of such ... for the children, of course.




We all know how the definition of "bully" is fluid, so too is the definition of "questionable" as some authors have seen their self-published books deleted from seller sites just for having the word "baby" or "kid" or "teenager" in the title or blurb. "Babysitting the Baumgartners" was pulled although, according to the linked article, no pedophilia or incest is contained in the text of the -- openly and admittedly -- erotica genre book. And since a lot of gay fiction is automatically shelved in "erotica" what's going to happen with that? I think we already know.


John Cleese o rly


What's next? Political opinion that upsets someone or a group of someones? Religious opinion or advocacy a vocal group disagrees with? Child rearing opinion (actually, just the term "child rearing" would probably get a book banned on these knee-jerkingly puritanical sites)? Criticism of a politician, celebrity, historical figure, whathaveyou that someone working for the seller particularly likes?


Death Note delete frenzy


The big publishers are getting a huge kick out of this. Self-published authors were most definitely cutting into their profits and now they're being shut down. Never forget the entertainment industry is one of the most bullying "business" models in the world. What they don't control, they demand destroyed.


We were laughing over "Dino Porn" the other day. Little did we know that others (with too much time on their hands) were freaking out, clutching their pearls, and focusing their little minds on something so incredibly stupid and insignificant compared to what's going on in the world today. As if the people reading it would be inspired to actually go out and molest a Triceratops.


Sheldon freak out


Things are getting wiggy out there.