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Warbound is the third and final installment in Larry Correia's amazing "Grimnoir Chronicals" trilogy. This series is one of my favorites and now that it's over it's going on the keeper shelf for all time. Correia has promised some more material in the world so I have that to look forward to, but I would definitely like to read more about these characters specifically. I don't know if that will happen, but I would be thrilled if we got to see them again.

This book isn't perfect. In fact it's probably the weakest in the series, but that's all relative since all three books are fantastic, IMO. The ending felt rushed and the epilogue felt incomplete for the ending of a story arc. I think it could have used another chapter to wrap things up and to bring the remaining characters back together for a check-in rather than some reminiscences from one character's POV (memorial, wedding, conference … just something to bring them to the same place at the same time). Then it could still have ended with the same really nice scene it does have. But nobody listens to me and I can't say I was horribly disappointed in anything.

The battles in this world are mind-bending and the relationships are very effective. There were surprises and heartbreaks and, as always, a lot of humor in the face of catastrophe. Correia handles character death better than many fantasy authors. It's always important, never a gimmick, and I can't express how much, as an emotionally involved reader, I appreciate that.

The basic overview of the world is that people started being born with magical abilities in the mid-1800's. These abilities are specific, such as teleportation (Travelers), fire starting/controlling (Torches), Healers, incredible strength (Brutes), the ability to manipulate gravity (Heavies AKA Gravity Spikers), and so on. They can be super heroes or super villains and some nods and winks are made toward the comic book genre. But this is an alt-history, so some of the things you might think are "stolen" from comics are really references to actual historical events. It's fascinating and inspires further research which is kind of fun with this created world lurking in the back of the mind.

The characters in this series are well made and just about any of them (on the good guy side, of course) could be called my favorite. There's intrigue and action and mild romance and dirigibles, although it can't really be classified as steam punk. It's called "diesel punk" but it's also modern epic fantasy/alt history.

If you like audio books, the first two are award winners. I read the Kindle editions and, unfortunately, this installment suffered from many typos. I had to wonder if Baen had been taken over by Penguin since I don't usually have that problem with them and Penguin is notorious for shoddy end product. Still, it was an annoyance and not a deal-breaker.

Clearly, I highly recommend this series. :D