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So I thought I'd read the king of Kristen Ashley's dick heroes with Tack. I was wrong.

Actually Tate and Tack are pretty much even for sickishness, so at least he's got that going for him.

Another Ashley book where I really didn't believe the hero was going to win me over, but he did. Considering Tate's first interaction with Lauren pushed all kinds of personal buttons for me, I have to say that affecting my transformation from throwing the reader stink eye to bringing out the moony eyes was impressive writing.

I loved Lauren, the female lead. She was a great character with traits that were easily relatable and she was exceptionally lovable. It was completely believable that the town of Carnal would open up to her once they got past their initial, ingrained distrust.

There's a murder mystery going on in this one and it's pretty gruesome. It works for the story, though, and it really helped with humanizing Tate. It was interwoven well with the romance plot and it brought about some of Ashley's signature poignant moments. I did not have tears running down my face this time, but it was a near thing.

Some of the side characters were wonderful and they added nice detail and color to the setting.

The first book in this series was hit/miss ultimately, but this one was all hit for me. I had a hard time putting it down and I was eager to get back to it every time I did. Very happy I kept going with this series.