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I really enjoyed this book. Seth and Macy were a great couple together. It was the hottest of the three in this series -- the erotica writing was un-skimmable -- and the story itself was richer and more layered.

With the exception of the contrived strife at the end (which seems to be part of a template for this author), I loved every page. Even the issues at the end were basically organic and believable considering what we know about the characters and would have been fine if the catalysts (there were two) hadn't been so clunky. Their reactions were natural for their character development even though what brought about those reactions felt imposed by the author.

Seth is "Ghost" from "Rock Me" and he was a surprisingly effective romantic lead. I'd been skeptical after reading Brian and Candace's book because Ghost comes off like a goof in that one. He's anything but, however. He may be a jokester, but he's got angst to spare. And it's all understandable and engaging.

Macy is a lot more substantial than the prior two leading ladies. She's funny and strong but also sensitive and compassionate. She doesn't wilt even when she's having an emotional crisis, which is a pretty fine line for an author to walk, IMO. She's a relatable character and I don't think there was a moment when I thought to myself "what the hell are you doing, that doesn't make sense", like with Candace at the end of Rock Me.

I'm a weirdo as far as being a reader of this genre. I don't want to read it unless there's a decent story even though what brings me to it is the eroticism. I need more. But if the story's good, I want there to be less sex and more story. I'm a paradox. But with this story, I wasn't skimming the love scenes or wishing they'd get on with it. The scenes were well integrated in the story line and they were as well written as any erotica I've read so far. Exactly what I'm looking for in this genre.

So ... when's the next one? Gimme.