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Uniquely Moi's reviews of this series got me interested and I'm glad. This was a decent book. More of a 3.5 rounded up, but I like the old friends to lovers trope and this one is handled well.

Kelsey and Evan have been friends since college. Kelsey married a childhood friend of Evan's who ended up cheating on her with Evan's fiance. Evan's betrothal is broken, but he's been given a honeymoon trip to Hawaii by his parents that will go to waste as they can't get their money back. He invites Kelsey to go with him since they both deserve a break in paradise after all they've been through.

Can two old friends who have always been attracted to each other spend a week together in a honeymoon suite without hooking up? Hmmm. No. ;)

The chemistry works, the couple is worth rooting for, and it's a sweet story. There's the inevitable strife at one point that I thought was contrived, but overall it's a decent, sexy read.