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Magic Bites -  Ilona Andrews Well, another new addiction. I've already ordered the second installment used from Amazon. I didn't want to waste the time it takes to troll the UBS, so I went ahead and swallowed the shipping. It's worth it.

Andrews's "Kate Daniels" series takes place in and near Atlanta. It's a little confusing as to the time frame because nothing is as we know it. Magic has erupted and eaten away normal life, but it seems humans and beasts have adapted and make an uneasy go of it.

Kate is a mercenary who hunts down "problems". She's sucked back into the world of the Order of Knights of Merciful Aid when her guardian is murdered. So she's out for vengeance as well as justice and finds herself in a position she never wanted -- being responsible for others.

She's also got deep, dark secrets that make her desire to keep to the shadows very understandable.

This is a really exciting book with a fascinating world. I really like Kate even though she has moments of bitchiness I find hard to take. Outside of very few scenes, though, she's extremely likable. (ETA: there was really only one scene where I was bothered by her behavior and where I would call it 'bitchiness'. In that scene she's remote and disdainful to someone in a way that gets my goat, but all other times she's just snarky, which is pretty fun).

And, gosh darn it! Another Penguin book. I keep recommending books from this publisher but I don't want anyone to actually give them money. How sick is that? Find a way to read this series, though, if you like urban fantasy with a clever heroine -- I really don't think you'll be sorry.