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Fortune's Son - Emery Lee Emery Lee is a very good writer and, while this is most definitely a romance, it's not your typical historical romance. Don't look for Kleypas or McNaught or even Beverley in this story. IMO, Lee's writing is a cross between Georgette Heyer and Diana Gabaldon. At once unique and recognizable, and a nice change of pace from the typical.

I did have some issues with the actual story, although I never wanted to stop reading it. I always wanted to get back to it when life got in the way of my reading.

There were a couple of things that were brought up that clearly had a huge impact on the life of the hero and I don't think they were sufficiently described if at all. It made for some confusion and "what's going on?" during the last third of the book and that was unfortunate.

I also had a slight issue with the way it ended. It left me vaguely unsatisfied, although it might just be me, to tell the truth.

This is not an Agency 6 title so the price is reasonable and the story is well worth it.